Mentoring is very important to inspire youth, teens and young adults to be engaged and active in areas that they’re 
not represented in. William, of African American background along with Aida, of Puerto Rican background are regularly
accompanied by young people in the community of diverse cultures to help them to explore new
career opportunities that are not considered “traditionally” linked to environments they’re normally exposed to.

We enjoy sharing the valuable lesson that your background does not determine your future, and your background does not determine who
you’re going to become. Technology opens new opportunities for creating a business, becoming an entrepreneur,
a digital innovator and allows for additional exposure to The Arts through digital resources.

In addition, we regularly volunteer to teach kids at KidsCamps, nationally and Internationally.
We are currently the organizers for KidsCamp Jacksonville and head the WPJaxKids meet-up for kids ages 7 – 14.

Invitation to WPJAX Kids Meet-Up

WPJax Kids Meet-Up 2019

Shiva Robotics 2019

Venetia Elementary Graduation 2019

Pardon Our Dust While We Add More Photos

Jacksonville Library 2019

Microsoft Store 2019

Metrotown and Metrotown in a Day 2019

Expanding Your Horizons 2019

Metrotown and Metrotown in a Day 2018

Expanding Your Horizons 2018


KidsCamp San Jose, Costa Rica 2019

KidsCamp Jacksonville 2019

KidsCamp Calgary 2019

Volunteering with Christina Workman at KidsCamp.

KidsCamp Orlando 2018

KidsCamp San Jose, Costa Rica 2018

Volunteering with Robert Remedios at KidsCamp.